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Felicity Grace by TFAfangirl14
Felicity Grace
    Felicity is half human and lives with her older half sister. She helps train dragons and takes care of them. Her older half sister kinda does the same, she helps them get better if their sick. Felicity always wears the necklace around her neck, it has a spell that keeps her from being burnt.

Base by:icondeadtreachery-bases:
    The nightmare karin had been having the past week woke her up once again. It was practically haunting her and she couldn't even remember what it was about when she woke up. She groaned and rolled over onto her side looking at the clock. It was four thirty in the morning so she had thirty more minutes before she would have to get up. She began thinking about what had happened yesterday then about how she had met the white haired boy.
                                                    ----------------------Flashback Five Weeks Ago------------------------
    Karin walked down the sidewalk with a bag of groceries in her arms. The fridge had been empty when she woke up so she had to walk to the store. She would have took the car but her parents had them and wouldn't be home for a while. Well they weren't her actual parents, her parents had died in a house fire years ago. The Brookes were an old family friend and had taken her in when she was little. She was about to turn a corner when she bumped into somebody. "O-oh I'm sorry." she quickly said taking a step back.

    A male stood in front of her he was wearing a white coat with black fur on the hood that was covering his white hair. He looked a year or two older than her. "Haha it's alright no harm done." He smiled. She smiled back a little. "Okay. well I should be going." She said as moved past him. "Where are you going?" he asked as he walked next to her.

    "I was heading home." she replied. Karin tried to look at his face but the hood was in the way. 'Is he following me? or is this the way he has to go?' she thought turning her head. "Well are you going to tell me your name?" "it's Karin." She looked at him expecting him to tell her his name. "Karin what?" he asked. "K-Karin..Karin Brookes." "Brookes?" He muttered. "Are you going to tell me your name?" she asked.

    He turned to her and smiled. "Ah sorry Alice I had forgotten." He turned around and began to walk backwards. "My name is Leo. It's nice to see you again alice." He chirped. She stopped and looked at him. "My name is Karin not Alice." Leo's smile grew as he turned around. "Whatever you say Alice.~" "My name is not Alice!" she snapped at him. "Okay Alice.~" She walked near him and went to hit him when he just disappeared. Her eyes widened in surprise.

    'What the hell?' She thought staring at the spot he was just a moment ago. "How did- Where?" "Why were you trying to hit me alice?" She yelped and quickly moved away turning around to see leo behind her. "How did you do that?" "Do what?" He asked acting like nothing had happened. "You disappeared right in front of me!" "I have no idea what your talking about." Disappearing into thin air once again.

    "You don't have a fever do you alice?" Karin looked up to see leo sitting on top of a lamppost slowly swinging his legs back and forth. He chuckled at the shocked expression that was on her face. He got down from the lamppost and stood in front of her. He reached out and took the bag of groceries out of her arms. "Hey Karin." "uh y-yeah?" she asked. "Race You Home!" He called as he ran down the street. With her bag of groceries. "Huh!? Hey wait just a minute!" she screamed as she chased after him. "Give that back! You don't even know where your going!"
                                                    ----------------------End of Flashback------------------------
    Since then leo had been staying with her. Of course she had been surprised to find out that he had cat ears and tail. When he had told her that he was from a different world and was a cheshire she would have had believed that he was crazy if he hadn't disappeared and reappeared in front of her. Karin had asked him if there were more like him he said he didn't know and when she had asked about the other world he had said he was from he would change the subject.

    The sound of something crashing onto the ground could be heard from downstairs. Karin sighed and sat up. 'I guess leo's up.' she thought. There were times when he could be annoying but he was a good friend. "I better get down stairs before he destroys the kitchen." she said to herself. She got out of bed and went out into the hall.

    Luckily her 'parents' were gone on a business trip so she didn't have to worry about leo waking them up. Karin walked down the stairs heading for the kitchen. "Damn pots and pans." She froze that did not sound like leo. She slowly and quietly walked to the kitchen door and looked inside. A redheaded male in the kitchen but what stuck out the most was that he had bunny ears on his head.

    Karin raised a brow. 'Who the hell is this? Is he a friend of leo's?' She thought not noticing leo standing beside her. "What are we looking at alice?" She jumped and looked up at him. "Don't do that!" she hissed. Leo smiled and walked into the kitchen. "Are you two always so loud in the mornings?" "Could say the same to you axel." leo replied sitting down at the table. "Axel?"

    Axel cleaned up the mess he made. "Is there a reason why he's here or did he have no where to stay?" she looked at leo. "Both but you shouldn't worry to much about the reason why." Leo's ears twitched. "Are you really not going to tell her? This involves her as well." Axel glanced at leo. Karin went to the cabinet and took out a skillet.

    "Do you like eggs scrambled or sunny? ...Or do you prefer carrots?" She looked at angry redhead standing behind her. "Just because I have bunny ears doesn't mean that I like carrots!" he snapped. "Oh so you finally admit to being a bunny huh?" leo smirked. "I am not a bunny!" He growled. Karin opened the door to the fridge and took out a carton of eggs.

    Karin cooked eggs and bacon with toast on the side for all of them. She set the plates down on the table. "Thank you alice!" leo cheered. "It's Karin." she grumbled. " you A-.. K-Karin." Axel muttered, a light dust of pink covering his cheeks. She looked at him and smiled a little. "Your welcome Axel." She sat down and began to eat.

    As soon as she had finished she put her plate in the sink and went upstairs to get ready for school. Axel washed his plate and put it away then headed for the door. "Leaving already?" leo asked. "Yes, I have to get back and tell the others that you are alive and well." "Your not going to help with ace? or tell alice goodbye?" Leo asked. "I believe you can handle him on your own and as for 'alice' do tell her thank you for me." He said as he went out the door closing it behind him.

    Leo stood up and walked into the living room. He looked at the clock to check the time. 'Another hour or two before Karin has to leave for school.' He thought sitting down on the couch. "Since it will be a while before it's time to go maybe i'll take a little cat nap." He muttered stretching out on the couch and began to drift off.
                                                    ----------------------A While Later------------------------
    Karin walked downstairs wearing the school uniform. She noticed that axel was no where in sight. 'Did he leave already?' She thought walking to the couch to see leo curled up and asleep. "...Sleepyhead. You stayed up all night didn't you?" She whispered. The only response she received from the sleeping boy was his ear twitching. She quietly picked up her backpack and left the house.

    She walked down to the curb and waited for Alicia. "Hey Karin." she smiled. "Hey Alicia." she replied. The two walked down the street together. They had always walked to school since it wasn't that far away. "...Did you sleep well? You didn't have another nightmare did you?" Alicia asked. "I rather not talk about that." Karin muttered.

    "Oh well If you ever need to or want to talk just let me know." She said. The two continued walking down the street until karin noticed something. "Alicia." "yeah?" "Where's your backpack?" She asked. "Eh?! Oh no I left it at home!" She turned around and started running down the street. "I'll be right back!" she called. Karin sighed and stayed put waiting for her. Crunch. Karin quickly turned her head to see something white run into the woods. 'Leo?' she thought.
                                                    ----------------------At Home------------------------
    Leo yawned and sat up and noticed that the house was quiet. He looked at the clock and stood up. "I slept to long. She would be half way to school by now." He quickly tucked his tail away, put on his hood, and left the house. "...? Alicia?" He saw come running around the corner. 'Alicia?..Then that means Karin is alone!'

    Leo took off running not noticing that the hood of his jacket slipped off. "Leo?" Alicia looked at the boy as he ran past her. "Did he ears?" she asked herself.
    Karin slowly walked into the woods. "Leo?" she called. She didn't receive an answer. She called his name again but yet again received no answer. She turned on her heel ready to bolt out of the woods when something grabbed the back of her collar and knocked her into a tree. She growled and glared up at the person who had pushed into the tree.

    "What the hell was that for!?" She snapped. "You know Leo?" He asked ignoring her question. The male in front of her had white hair and red eyes. A pair of white bunny ears sat atop his head. 'Another one?' she thought. He was wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a red vest and tie, There was a gold chain that had a black and red heart clipped to the vest pocket, along with black pants and shoes. "If you know that cat then you must be Alice, correct?" He asked.

    "That's not my name but yeah..he does call me that." She realized that he had put his arms on both sides of her. "I see." he muttered. "You are getting to close for comfort." He didn't seem to hear her having been lost in thought. "Uh..Well if you excuse me i have to lea-"  He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her."Leave? Oh yes we should get going we don't want to be late." He smiled. "We?" She frowned. He grabbed her wrist and began to walk deeper into the forest. "Let go of me!" she hissed. When he didn't she stomped on his foot and took off running.

    "Tsk tsk stepping on somebody's foot is not nice." Ace stood up straight. His ear twitched as he heard somebody coming. "Ace! Where is she!?" Ace turned around and smiled. "Who?.. Oh do you mean alice?" "Yes alice! Now where is she?" Leo growled. "I believe she was heading to the entrance to wonderland." Ace didn't wait for leo to reply as he ran deeper into the woods.

    Karin looked behind her to see if she was being followed. Seeing that she wasn't she slowed down to a stop trying to catch her breath as she did so. She looked around the area and saw a huge hole in the ground. Curiosity took a hold of her causing her to walk closer and peer into it. Pitch black darkness greeted her. "How far down does this thing go?" she muttered. "Let's find out shall we." She turned around only to be pushed in by ace. She screamed as she fell into the dark.


*Kicks someone*He Did It!
United States

i love to draw,play video games,read.
i like aliens!!!
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What Autobot Are You?
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What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
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