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    A girl was sitting underneath a tree in the park she held a book in her hands. The girl had long white hair that went down a bit passed her waist. The bangs were swept to the side covering her right eye. She appeared to be twelve years old and had a blue-gray headband in her white hair. A dark blue long sleeved shirt with a star on the chest, brown shorts, blue-gray leggings and white boots.

    The other  day they had found out that they were moving to someplace called Gravity Falls, Oregon. She flipped to the next page waiting for her sister to finish talking and saying good bye to her friends.  And why was she sitting under a tree reading a book instead of going to say good bye to her friends? Well that was because she didn't really have any she wasn't that good at making friends. Her bright green eye scanned through the page as she read the book.

    The book she was reading was a murder mystery and she was already half way through the book. A little whimper could be heard in front of her. She lowered the book to see a small puppy. She reached her hand out to the puppy waiting for it to come to her. The puppy slowly inched its way over to her. The puppy sniffed her hand and sat next to her leg looking up at her.

    A small smile formed on the girl's lips. "You must be lonely huh? " The puppy's tail started swishing back and forth happy that it was finally getting some attention. She pet the dog's head and looked around thinking that it would want to play fetch. She saw a stick laying on the ground but it was out of her reach and didn't want to get out of her spot. She looked around to make sure that nobody was looking. She turned her attention back to the stick and her eye started to glow.

    A blue aura surrounded the stick and it lift off the ground. The stick flew in her direction and stopped inches from her face. The glowing died away and the stick fell into her open hand. She looked at the puppy and waved the stick. The puppy crouched down with its tail wagging. She threw the stick and the puppy chased after it.

    "Jenny." She looked up at who had called her name. It had been her older sister, Charlotte Thompson. She had black hair that went past her shoulders and lime green eyes. She was wearing a red and blue-gray sleeved shirt with a blue-gray skirt, white socks and boots. "Finished saying good bye?" she asked.  Charlotte nodded "yep, finish that book?" she asked. "No I got halfway through it when -" The puppy ran over to her, bumping into the girl's leg.

    Charlotte looked down at the little puppy. Charlotte smiled and pet the puppy's head. "Charlotte, Jenny are you two done?" The two looked over at their dad. "Yeah dad." charlotte said as she helped up her sister. "Alright then lets head to the car." he smiled and turned around. Jenny pet the dog's head one more time before going to the car. 
                                                                         ------Time Skip------
    Jenny was looking out the window of the car. She had long since finished her book and was just waiting to get to their new home. Soon a sign appeared up the road that read. 'Welcome to Gravity Falls.' "Finally here." she heard her dad say. He stopped the car in front of an wooden house. Vines grew up one side of the building ending at one of the windows. The grass was high showing that nobody had mowed the yard in a while. The mailbox was hanging off the hinges. "We're going to live here?" . Charlotte  said as she looked at the house.  "It's not that bad. Just need to mow the lawn and fix the mailbox and it will be good as new." Their father said.

    He shut off the car and got out with his two daughters. He gave them the house keys. "You two go ahead inside and choose which rooms you want while I unload the stuff from the car."  The two girls got their stuff and went up to the door and unlocked it. The door creaked as it slowly opened to show the inside of the house. "That's a little creepy but at least the place looks nice." Charlotte said.

    The two went upstairs and picked out their rooms. Later the movers came and they got their furniture and rooms set up. They unpacked their clothes and belongings and went down stairs. "Dad can we go check the town?" Jenny asked. "Tomorrow we can, it's already dark out." He said. "Alright then." she said and went back up stairs. "Good Night Jenny! Good Night Charlotte!" Their father called up. "Good night Dad!" They called back. Jenny brushed her teeth and changed into her pajama's getting ready for bed when a light went past her window.

    She went over to the window and looked out. She saw movement down below it was either a kid or a small person out in the woods. She grabbed a dark purple long sleeved shirt that had a broken heart that was almost sewn up on the chest and put it on. She grabbed her boots quickly putting them on and quietly going down stairs. She quietly went to the door and left the house. It didn't take her long to find the source of the light.

    The Light came from a flashlight that a boy was holding. He hadn't noticed her yet and he had a camera with him. "Dipper! Come on!" A girl's voice called out. "Okay Hold on a Second!" Dipper called back. He lifted the camera up to his face and pressed record. "Well we didn't find what we were-" Jenny walked up behind him. "What are you doing?" Dipper screamed and quickly turned around. Shinning the bright light in the girl's face.

    Jenny squeaked and covered her eye from the burning light. "You know I would appreciate it if you didn't try and blind me." She said. "S-Sorry!" Dipper said and quickly moved the light out of her face. "It's fine." she said as she rubbed her eye and looked at him. He had on a white and blue hat with a blue pine tree on the front. Underneath his hat was brown hair. He was wearing a blue vest, red shirt, shorts, socks with a red stripe and black shoes. 

    A girl that looked like him ran out from the bushes. 'He has a twin.' she thought. The girl had longer hair, a sweater with a shooting star, skirt, socks and shoes. She also appeared to have braces. "Why are you screami- oh hello." she smiled at the girl. "Hi." Jenny replied. "You must be the new girl right!?" The girl asked. "uh yeah I-" "My name's Mabel Pines and this is my brother Dipper Pines." she said wrapping an arm around her brother's shoulder. "My name's Jenny Thompson." She replied.

    "Since your new here why don't you drop by the mystery shack tomorrow and me and dipper will show you around the town!" Mabel smiled waiting for her answer. "Mystery shack?..sure why not as long as my sister can come with." Jenny said. "Of course! The more the merrier!" Mabel cheered. "W-well we better leave."

    Dipper said grabbing Mabel's arm and started walking. "See you tomorrow jenny!" Mabel called. "See you tomorrow." jenny said and turned around heading back to the house. Jenny quietly went inside locking the door behind her and went upstairs to her room. She took off her boots and long sleeved shirt and crawled under the covers. It didn't take her long to fall asleep.

    Mr. Thompson sighed as he ran his fingers through his black hair. 'Being back here brings back some memories...' He thought. He looked up at a picture of him and his wife. She was holding their first child, charlotte, in her arms. A small sad smile formed on his lips. "I wish you were still here." He said softly. He sat in his chair in his bedroom. 'Why...did I move back here?' he thought as he leaned back in his desk chair. A brief image of a memory passed through his mind. The memory showed him shaking hands with a gold, one eyed triangle creature. "Right...that deal I made...what was the other part of it?" He muttered looking up at the ceiling.
Gravity Falls- All The Little Mysteries Prologue
Mr. Thompson, Charlotte Thompson and Jenny Thompson(c):icontfafangirl14:

Gravity Falls(c)Alex Hirsch
Gravity Falls- Meeting Bill Cipher Base by TFAfangirl14
Gravity Falls- Meeting Bill Cipher Base

1.Credit me for the base
2.Link back to this base
3.Don't Steal
5.The base is Free to use(you don't have to ask me to use it)
6.Give credit to the Original Artist
7.Show Me Plz
8.Take Your Time, put effort in making the pic

Original Pic From: Gravity Falls- The Last Mabelcorn

Gravity Falls(c)Alex Hirsch


*Kicks someone*He Did It!
United States

i love to draw,play video games,read.
i like aliens!!!
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