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Umineko-A Broken Heart Base by TFAfangirl14
Umineko-A Broken Heart Base

---Rules---- me for the base back to this base
3.Don't Steal
5.The base is Free to use(you don't have to ask me to use it)
6.Give credit to the Original Artist
7.Show Me Plz
8.Take Your Time, put effort in making the pic

Five Nights At Freddy's Oc-Draco by TFAfangirl14
Five Nights At Freddy's Oc-Draco

Name: Draco
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon(Animatronic)
Height:taller than the other animatronics
Eye Color:Yellow
Metal color: Dark Purple, White and Turquoise
Personality: Draco can have a bit of a temper problem but tries to keep it in check when around children. During the day draco usually stay's curled up away from people, Only rarely does a kid find him. When one does he comes out of his slumber (sleep mode) and plays with the kids. He usually starts acting like a cat and/or puppy. During the night he eventually becomes lonely and/or bored and goes to look for people. If he finds someone and they do something wrong he becomes very aggressive and might end up either badly injuring them or killing them.
Appearance: Draco is an animatronic dragon. He is bigger/taller than the other animatronics escpecially when he stands up. Draco has dark purple skin/metal, white underbelly and spike, underneath his wings are turquoise. He has yellow eyes, sharp claws and teeth. He also has spikes on his head that goes down his back, getting smaller, down to his tail. He also has spikes on his elbows.
Other: Draco's voice was somehow messed/broken up to where he could barely talk.
Likes: pizza, junk food, games
Dislikes: rats, somebody trying to pull out his wires/ take him apart, his voice being broken, the cold
Bio: (will put up later)

Base by:iconicy-marth:…



*Kicks someone*He Did It!
United States

i love to draw,play video games,read.
i like aliens!!!
What Autobot Are You?
What Autobot Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
Hosted By Anime
What Soul Eater Character Are You?
What Soul Eater Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

-Favourite cartoon characters-
Beast Wars: optimus primal,waspinator,terrorsaur,dinobot
TFA(Transformers Animated): Starscream,Starscream Clones,jettwins,bumblebee,wasp/waspinator
TFP(Transformers Prime):bumblebee,knockout,breakdown,soundwave,megatron,optimus,smokescreen,
Samurai Jack: demongo,jack,aku
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy:mandy,billy,grim,nergal, nergal jr. , jeff
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist,Hellsing, cheshire cat, xerxes break, boris airay, mariko kurama,durarara, rozen maiden,higurashi,umineko,ao no exorcist/blue exorcist,soul eater,kishin asura,black butler
Marvel: Spider-man, Venom, Carnage(symbiotes), Deadpool
Favorite RPG Games/Characters:Mad Father,Aya, The Witches House, Ib, The Gray Garden,Ivilis

My DA Family:

Mom: :iconstarhavenfireheart:
Dad: :iconnos-4-a2-blosc:
Sisters: :icondimegod217: :icondarkdarling98:

Weird Little Sister::iconangelzcute:

Socially Awkward Cousin: :iconxrainbowsatrainx:

Pets::iconstarnova3241: :icontfsfangdarkautocat:
Best Friends: :iconxxxnightflashxxx: :iconmaskedmadhatter: :iconknockoutrapeface: :iconrosuto-kia: :icondimegod217: :iconecho9hotel: :iconmaliceintheabyss:
From :iconmaskedmadhatter:

Freddy Fazbear: 0.5
[ /] You can be sneaky and trick people
[ ] You're considered 'tough' or 'in charge'
[ ] Nobody messes with you
[ ] You like to sing, even if you're good or bad at it
[ ] You like having all the attention (Eh...)
[ ] Many people look up to you 

Chica the Chicken: 3
[/] You like cooking
[ ] You simply adore food/eating
[X] Pizza is one of your favorite foods
[ ] You're very social 
[X] You like to make new friends 
[/] You're an early bird; you get up and move around quickly

Bonnie the Bunny: 3
[ ] You're almost considered the third wheel
[X] You're very concerned about your friends and family and those you love
[X] People underestimate you
[ ] You're tougher than you look 
[ ] You're physically disabled/have a born problem
[X] You become attached to your friends and will stop at nothing to protect them

Foxy the Pirate Fox: 4.5
[ ] You're adventurous 
[X] You're shy and closed off to those you aren't close to
[X] You are afraid of making mistakes
[X] You're swift and nimble
[X] You've done something that's ruined your entire life 
[/] You hate being watched

Toy Freddy: 0
[ ] You've replaced someone 
[ ] Looks can be deceiving to you
[ ] People say you look very friendly
[ ] Your friends say you're scary when angry
[ ] You can tell when someone's lying
[ ] It's hard to get around you without punishment

Toy Chica: 1.5
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] You love fashion
[ ] You like to look your best and put on makeup
[ ] You love to party
[X] You like cupcakes
[/] You have a very watchful eye

Toy Bonnie: 2
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] People often mistake you for the opposite gender
[X] You are very clever
[ ] You've copied a certain style or look from someone
[ ] You're constantly on the move
[X] It's hard to shake you off once you're onto something

Mangle / Toy Foxy: 3.5
[ ] You've been abused
[X] People pick on you 
[ ] Your bite is worse than your bark
[X] You feel alone
[X] You don't like it when people push you around
[/] You hold grudges

The Puppeteer / Marionette: 3.5
[/] People say you're a trickster or a clown; you're goofy
[X] You know a lot more than people think you do
[X] You don't like to lose your cool
[ ] Some people say you're evil or two-faced
[X] You are pretty good at solving things
[ ] In the end, you like having the last laugh

Balloon Boy: 1.5
[/] You act like a child 
[ ] You know how to get on peoples' nerves
[ ] You enjoy making people irritated
[ ] Some people say you're immature
[X] You laugh at a lot of things, even if some people don't find it funny
[ ] You like to stick close to your friends

Golden Freddy: 2.5
[ ] You're a downright outcast
[/] You feel forgotten
[ ] You like to strike when people least expect it
[X] People say you're one of a kind
[ ] Something terrible happened to you in your past
[X] You have something unique that sets you away from other people

Foxy the Pirate Fox: 4.5
Mangle / Toy Foxy: 3.5
The Puppeteer / Marionette: 3.5
Bonnie the Bunny: 3
Chica the Chicken: 3
Golden Freddy: 2.5
Toy Bonnie: 2
Balloon Boy: 1.5
Toy Chica: 1.5
Freddy Fazbear: 0.5
Toy Freddy: 0

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